My children (aged 10 and 8) lost their mummy to cancer in August 2020. During the period of her illness (16 months) and in the time that has passed since she passed away, K has dedicated herself to ensuring the family has coped with this tragedy. Always present and proactive, she has made an excruciatingly difficult time in all of our lives bearable through her constant positivity, focus on solutions and an incredible set of values. I cannot imagine what could have happened to us if she wasn’t there for us.

She uses her Norlander training to promote best practice in every way possible every single day. Examples include connecting us to Winston’s Wish, helping to source a wonderful play therapist for the children to help them grieve, augmenting home schooling when schools were closed with fantastic fun activities. She is a world-class professional who is highly organised, incredibly loving and I can’t imagine there being a better ambassador anywhere for Norland.

She is an exceptional human being who is the embodiment of the modern professional nanny. Her Norland training has honed her skill set and attitude to be the best she could possible be. Well done to Norland for the job that they’ve done. She pours kindness and love into my children and I will be forever grateful to her for everything she has done for us.