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Norland is like a family, once you are part of it there is a lifelong bond between you and the organisation and, once you graduate with your Norland Diploma, Norland Agency is your direct link.

The Agency is here to support you throughout your career as a Norlander and to work exclusively with you as Norland graduates. We like to keep in regular contact with you to know what you are up to and if there is anything we can do to support you.


To ensure that Norland Agency provides Norlanders with the best possible service, we would be grateful if you would take a few moments of your time to complete our annual Norlander Perception Survey. We’re asking some new questions this year which will help to inform how the Agency is run and the service that we provide, so your feedback is invaluable to us. 

We are giving away a £50 Amazon voucher and a selection of Norland merchandise to one lucky winner chosen at random. To enter, please leave your email address at the end of the survey to be in with a chance of winning. 

The survey will close on Friday 26 April 2019

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We send a monthly email newsletter to Norlanders on the first Monday of every month, though please note it's sent on Tuesdays when the Monday is a UK bank holiday. This monthly newsletter includes updates about CPD, industry updates relevant to you as professionals and updates from the college and students. It also lists top jobs available through Norland Agency so that you can keep an eye on what types of positions are coming in.

We send a list of our featured jobs each Monday on the weeks inbetween newsletters, though please note this is also sent on Tuesdays when the Monday is a UK bank holiday. 

Of course we're never able to include all of the jobs that we have, so please remember that if you are thinking of trying something new, get in touch so we can keep you in mind or have a look on the Jobshop and set up email alerts based on your own criteria. 

If you don’t already receive the Norland Agency newsletter but would like to, please click here to sign up.  

Norland Now

Norland Now is part of Norland’s history, initiated by Emily Ward who used to send written updates ‘The Norland Quarterly’ to all Norland graduates. This update is now an annual printed newsletter that is sent to all Norlanders, with updates from all areas of Norland including the College and the students’ training, the Norland Agency, CPD opportunities for Norlanders and our external Consultancy and Training.

If you are a Norlander who does not currently receive Norland Now and would like to, simply send us your name (including your maiden name if applicable), address and Set number to agency@norland.ac.uk.

Download the 2018 edition of Norland Now

Download the 2017 edition of Norland Now

Download the 2016 edition of Norland Now


Norlanders’ official group – We have set up a Facebook group, exclusively for Norlanders, to enable you to network with other Norlanders, share practice ideas and support each other. Any Norlander can request to join and, as soon as your training is verified, you will be accepted into the group.

Facebook page – Norland College also has a Facebook page, called ‘Norland College’, which you can ‘like’ to receive regular updates about the College. 

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You can follow Norland College and Norland Agency on social media and tag us into your posts as well as using the #WeAreNorland hashtag. It’s great for us to see what you and your charges have been doing, but always be mindful of confidentiality and any social media clauses you may have in your contract.

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  • Have your details changed?

    Have you changed your name, address or email? Update your details with Norland Agency by emailing us at agency@norland.ac.uk