Volunteer with Tamba

Are you interested in making a difference to the lives of families of twins, triplets or more who are in crisis?

At Tamba (the Twins and Multiple Births Association) we are looking for volunteers who would be happy to be contacted when a Helping Hands family in their area is in need of support.

Helping Hands supports families in desperate need and crisis by providing short-term, practical help at home with caring for their multiples. Families often come to us because of bereavement, poverty or housing issues, serious medical issues, serious mental health difficulties, or other extreme parenting issues. Support is tailored to each family depending on the issues they are most struggling with. Families often tell us that this critical support has enabled them to cope better and get back on their feet during a very difficult time in their life. 
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How it works

Once Tamba knows your availability, and they've confirmed your documentation is up to date, they will set up the visit between you and the family and send you the case notes. Then it’s up to you to introduce yourself beforehand and carry out the visit. At the end of your visit Tamba will send you a survey to ask for your feedback – it’s really important that you can complete this for their records. In return, Tamba will write you a testimonial explaining what the family’s situation was and what help you provided as evidence of the time you’ve given. Tamba will usually arrange to talk to you on the phone as well to make sure you are happy with how everything has gone. 

What you’ll get out of it

  • Something to add to your CV and a testimonial for each family you visit
  • Experience of working with twins, triplets or more
  • Cases matched wherever possible to your interests, expertise, and aspirations
  • Cases local to you with all expenses paid
  • Experience of working with a diverse range of families and situations
  • Flexible commitment, do as much or as little as you are able to
  • Become part of the growing Helping Hands community
  • Make a genuine difference to the families you support
  • Support from the Helping Hands team during your time as a volunteer
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the Helping Hands Volunteer award

If you have any other questions or want to find out more about what it’s like to be a Helping Hands volunteer, you can call Tamba on 01252 332344 and ask to speak to Helen or Natasha, or email support-team@tamba.org.uk