The award for Norland Nanny of the Year will be presented to the winning nanny in the New Year. All Norlanders who are nominated will receive a special commendation for their continued excellence.


This year the following Norland staff will be judging the entries:

  • Dr Janet Rose – Principal
  • Julia Gaskell (Norlander)– Head of Careers and Consultancy
  • Alison Deft – Agency Manager
  • Elizabeth Harvey (Norlander)– Events Manager

Please note, this is only open to fully qualified Norlanders and not NQNs.

The deadline for receiving nominations is 5pm, 6 December 2022.


Norland Nanny of the Year 2022 - nomination form
I give permission for anonymised comments to be shared with the Norlander
I give permission for anonymised comments to be used in marketing (e.g. social media, website)
Please give practical examples of how your nanny embodies the core values of Norland using the questions below. This information will help the judges understand why your Norlander should be Nanny of the Year. For more information on Norland’s key values and principles, please visit the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities.
This includes elements such as recognising the needs of your child/children, empowering individuality, learning and development in a respectful, kind and caring manner, whilst acting as a good role model and upholding your family values.
This includes ensuring your child/children are safe at all times, keeping up to date with the latest early years guidance, communicating effectively with all family members and demonstrating Norland professionalism at all time.
Please think about what qualities your Norlander demonstrates, especially bearing in mind our twin mottoes of Love Never Faileth and Strength in Adversity.

Enter your email address and click the button to save your form data for 14 days and be emailed a resume link. After 14 days your saved progress will be removed.