Global retailer for parents and young children

Norland started working with Mothercare, leading global retailer for parents and young children, in 2007.

Norland delivers training to Mothercare Designers, Buyers and Buyers Assistants surrounding child development and how play supports this, which feeds into the design of future resources that Mothercare stocks online and in its stores. In-store staff have also received training from Norland on the needs of parents and how to support this within a customer service role.

Elizabeth Day, Parenting Consultant, Mothercare UK LTD

“This dynamic training partnership between Norland and Mothercare, both leaders in their fields, has resulted in a major shift in Mothercare’s designers’ and buyers’ approach to their work and in the thinking of its staff teams up to and including senior management level. Trainees have been open-minded, motivated and inspired to incorporate learning from this exceptional programme into their own-brand product design, approach to merchandising and guidance for parents.”

 Feedback from delegates:

“Great breakdown of subjects, topics, activity timescales of elements.”

“Very good and useful for stores and HO. Great venue.”

“Great environment, theres not enough courses like this – knowledge is amazing.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have learnt so much information to take back to store.”