Sign Language Course

Whilst studying at Norland, students have the option to learn Makaton in 18 hours taught over 15 weeks.

Makaton is a sign and symbol language that can be used alongside speech to help children in their early years communicate whilst their spoken language skills develop. Signing can give carers a greater understanding of a baby's wants and needs, which can help reduce frustration and signing while speaking has been shown to encourage the development of communication and language skills. 

This additional skill can help Norland graduates in their career with children as well give them an additional skill to include on their CV. 

This exclusive course, only available to Norland students, costs £150 per student for 18 hours taught over 15 weeks including books and materials. The course includes 2 performances alongside the Norland College Choir where you will be able to showcase your signing skills to friends and family. 

Classes will not disrupt your normal timetable and will be held every Monday at York Place from 5pm - 6pm for six weeks starting on Monday 13 January.

You will be given the opportunity to enrol on this course in your induction week (your first week at college) when you start at Norland.