Upholding the
Norland reputation

Students considering applying to Norland College need to be aware that they will be joining an organisation which has an international reputation for excellence. By accepting a place at Norland, you are agreeing to uphold and maintain this reputation by adhering to the high expectations Norland has of you.

Norland has worked in partnership with our students to write a student charter which sets out our partnership in learning. You can read the charter in full here.

The Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities applies to all students and graduates of Norland throughout their training and career with children. Whilst at College, any breach of the Norland Code can result in expulsion from training following a decision by the Disciplinary Committee. You can read it in full here.

It is expected that throughout their training students will demonstrate:

  • A commitment and enthusiasm to embrace the professionalism expected of a Norland Nanny.
  • An ability to provide safe and nurturing care for children in their Early Years.
  • Confidence and competence to be able to provide an inclusive environment which considers the needs of both the child(ren) and the family.
  • An ability to consistently produce age and stage appropriate activities according to individual needs and interests.

Students should be aware of the following whilst studying at Norland: 

  • Harmful substances and drugs - unless specifically prescribed to you by a medical practitioner, harmful substances and drugs are not to be brought into the college. Possession or use of illegal substances will result in immediate suspension from college. 
  • Smoking - students are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the college building or grounds, or at any time whilst in uniform. Students are strongly discouraged from smoking at any time. 
  • Alcohol - Under no circumstances should students consume alcohol prior to, or whilst working with, children or when attending college. Students should be aware of, and avoid, the effects that the use of alcohol can have on their judgement. This applies not only to driving but also to caring for children and their ability to study the next day. Drinking too much may result in behaviour which students might regret, and which could bring discredit to the college. 
  • Property - No one is to take or use anyone else’s property without the owner’s specific agreement on each occasion. No one is to interfere with anyone else’s personal belongings without their permission. 
  • Students should ensure that they demonstrate a high level of professionalism at all times including when travelling around the City of Bath. 

Whilst wearing the Norland uniform, in order to be good role models for children and to ensure that good habits are formed whilst training, Norland students must not:

  • Chew gum
  • Listen to music using headphones
  • Consume food or drink whilst walking around
  • Buy fast food or eat in fast food restaurants
  • Cross the road unless using a crossing
  • Use a mobile phone whilst walking in the street
  • Purchase alcohol