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Financial Assistance

Government Loans and Grants

Students from England

For students to be eligible for Student Loan Company funding, they must be studying a designated course. Courses at Norland College are designated each year by the Department for Education. This course has been re-designated for the 2018-19 academic year and therefore you will be able to apply for student loan funding through the Student Loans Company. A register of designated providers is provided by the new regulator for Higher Education, the ‘Office for Students’ (OfS) here.

The Office for Students has registered Norland College as an approved provider of Higher Education. This means that eligible students on courses starting from 2019-20 will be able to access financial support through the Student Loans Company. 

Loans for fees for students from England

You can apply to Student Finance England for a student loan of up to £6,165 per year to cover part of the cost of your tuition fees. The amount you apply for is paid directly to the College by Student Finance England. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the fee loan borrowed and the total tuition fee payable to Norland.

The loan is not means tested and you will only need to start paying back the loan once you have left the course and are earning over £25,000.

For a Government guide on how to apply to Student Finance England for loans, click here.

Loans for living costs for students from England

A portion of this loan is not means tested. It is available to contribute towards your living costs. You start to pay back these loans at the same time as you start paying back your tuition fee loan.

For a Government guide on how to apply to Student Finance England for loans, click here.

Loans for fees and living costs (students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

There is a different process for applying for student finance if you are from Scotland (click here), Wales (click here) or Northern Ireland (click here).

Emily Ward Bursary

This bursary, named after the College founder, provides students with the opportunity to obtain a grant towards meeting the cost of their tuition fees. Click here.

Other Financial Information

Help and Advice

The Norland Finance team are committed to making a Norland education as accessible as possible to all of our prospective and current students. For supportive, practical help and advice regarding financing your course, whether as a future or current student, you are strongly encouraged to contact our approachable Finance team via 01225 904 040 or email

Methods of Payment

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, debit/credit card or cheque.


Click here for details and costs of accommodation.

Value for Money

Norland prides itself on creating and maintaining a curriculum that delivers good value for money for students. It provides transparency via its Value for Money statement. This statement outlines the many ways in which Norland delivers a value-added curriculum and lifelong support for its graduates, as well as clearly presenting how tuition fees were actually spent in 2017-18. Our Value for Money statement can be found here.

Student Protection Plan

A Student Protection Plan is a document that is approved by the Office for Students (OfS) that every University is required to have. It sets out what measures we have in place to protect you, as a student at Norland, should a risk to the continuation of your studies arise and details how we would communicate with you about this. Our latest Student Protection Plan can be found here