Voluntary support during the coronavirus crisis

In the worst of times, we see the best of people and during the coronavirus pandemic that is definitely true of the Norland community. Below are just some of the incredible things staff, students and Norlanders have been doing to support their local communities and our brave key workers.

Sewing scrub hats and headbands

Many students are putting their sewing skills learned on the Norland Diploma into practice by making scrub hats and headbands to protect irritation caused by personal protective equipment (PPE). Below are images sent in by Laura (Set 41) and Rosie (Set 43) of their effors which have been given to the NHS and health care workers.

Sewing scrubs for the NHS

Nicola, our Sewing Teaching Assistant, has joined up with the Bristol Scrub Hub to make scrubs for hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes. Nicola was interviewed on The One Show about the project and was interviewed just after finishing making her first pair. You can watch the episode on iPlayer now. Natasha (Set 41) has also been sewing some bright scrubs to bring a smile to the faces of people at her local hospital as well as sew bunting to say thank you.

Volunteering with the NHS

Students and staff have also signed up to the government's call for an army of NHS volunteers in response to the pandemic. Volunteers support vulnerable members of the community by delivering medicines from pharmacies, driving patients to appointments, bringing them home from hospital or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

Girl Guiding

Many Norland students are members of the Girl Guiding community and have moved their sessions online in order to continue supporting their groups. Kiera (Set 43) has led a number of sessions, including teaching over 20 girls their promise in Makaton, making penny spinners and conducted a scavenger hunt around their homes. Kiera has also joined up with Maude (Set 41) and Emily (Set 43) have been running virtual sessions for a Rainbows group in Bath.

Baking for key workers

Students have also been brushing up on their Food and Nutrition skills by making baked goods for key workers and delivering them to care homes, GP surgeries and charities to say thank you for their incredible work. Below is a photo of Kiera who baked cakes for her village surgery and care home.

Delivering food

Millie (Set 42) has been volunteering by delivering food to some of the most vulnerable people in her community.

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  • Norland's Signing Choir were determined to perform again one last time this academic year. With the vocals of the Norland Choir's performance at the Christmas Carol Service, the Signing Choir performed 'The Music is Always There' from across the country!