Employ a Newly Qualified Nanny

Before registering for a NQN, please read the ‘Employing a NQN Guide’ which includes the NQN Terms and Conditions. 

Read the 'Employing a NQN Guide'

Registration is now open for the May 2018 NQNs. Please download the NQN Registration Form below, and ensure you have thoroughly read the ‘Employing a NQN Guide’ above. Once this is completed please email a copy to us. 

Download the NQN Registration Form

However, if you are looking for an NQN to start between now and May 2018, please email us as we have a few final NQNs to place. 

Please email the NQN team or call them on 01225 904033 for queries or further details. 

Please note that all positions are advertised on a password protected website which is accessed by both qualified Norlanders, who will look at positions registered through Norland Agency and Newly Qualified Nannies (NQNs), who will look at positions specifically registered for NQNs.