Temporary Nannies
& Proxy Parents

Temporary Nannies

Temporary positions range from a 1 day event up to 13 weeks  and can be on a full or part term basis to fit your needs.

Temporary Norland Nannies are based all over the country and we may already have temporary nannies looking in your area.  If you are able to offer accommodation for the nanny, this will widen the pool of nannies available and therefore increase the chances of the Agency being able to find a temporary Norland Nanny to fill your vacancy.

Proxy Parent

A proxy parent’s responsibilities are similar to those of a nanny, but in the absence of the parent(s) for 24 hours a day. The proxy parent has sole responsibility for the running of the house, care of any pets, liaison with other staff etc. 

Some proxy parenting can be stipulated in a nanny’s contract if the parents are away regularly (e.g. for work) and do not wish to disrupt a child’s routine, or a proxy parent can be employed on a temporary basis to care for children for a short term absence of parents.