Norland Agency can help you and your family search for your perfect Norland Nanny on a permanent basis, be that full or part time.

Permanent Nannies can work on a daily or a live in basis, depending on your family’s needs and accommodation. Part time nannies work up to 50 hours per week (full time hours are between 50-60 hours per week).

Daily Nannies generally work 10 hour days, have their own accommodation outside of the family home and travel to and from your house every day.

Live in Nannies generally work up to 12 hours per day and their accommodation is provided by the family. As a minimum the family should be able to offer the Nanny their own bedroom ideally with their own bathroom.  Self-contained accommodation is often preferable to our Nannies.

It is important that your Nanny has time off to ensure that they do not get over tired and therefore offer the best care for your children. If you require 24hour care then we may recommend that you look at employing more than 1 Nanny on a rota basis. Monday – Friday roles with weekends off tend to be more popular and we do have some Nannies looking for part time positions. We have Nannies available all over the UK and for overseas positions, however, demand for Norland Nannies is high and as such we cannot guarantee to send you candidates for your vacancy. Please get in touch to discuss your family’s needs and we can advise you whether we have any candidates that might be suitable.

To find out about employing a permanent Norland Nanny for your family please contact Norland Agency on 01225 904030 or email