Early Excellence

Early Excellence - Developing Rich Contexts for Learning and Development

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Venue: Norland College, York Place, London Road, Bath, BA1 6AE

Exploring the dynamic relationship between the child, adult and the environment

Early Excellence is delighted to be working with Norland College to offer these training opportunities. Workshops are designed for Heads, Senior Leaders and a range of Practitioners across EYFS and are guaranteed to inspire, challenge and inform practice and provision. Our fabulous interactive environment will be here to explore and inspire you. 

Day one

Session A: Rethinking the Environment: A fresh perspective on developing effective continuous provision with a focus on Literacy. 


Session B: In Pursuit of Excellence: Looking at key principles for confidently monitoring in the EYFS, and striving for outstanding. 

Session C: Inspiring Young Mathematicians: A focus on how the learning environment can support and enhance mathematical thinking. 


Session D: A Masterclass in Observational Assessment: This session will provide a practical approach to the issues around accurate, meaningful and manageable observational assessment with children aged birth to 5 in the context of international research and the principles of child development. It will link to the requirements of the statutory EYFS and OFSTED, it will enable participants to fully understand the nature and purpose of Early Childhood Assessment. 

Session E: Creating an Environment for Thinking and Life Long Learning: Developing the nature of ‘Deep Level Learning’ (Saljo) is a critical aspect of a responsible and effective pedagogy, especially in a child’s Early Years. This session will explore the principles for developing a learning environment which sustains and supports and how this is enabled by the reflective and proactive role of the adult. 

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