Newly Qualified Nannies

Newly Qualified Nannies (NQN) are students of Norland College who have completed their degree but now must work with a family as a nanny on a 1 year fixed term contract to gain the experience needed to qualify them as a Norland Nanny. These Nannies require support from the family and documentation including appraisals need to be completed. Full details about what is involved in employing a NQN can be found here.

Salaries for Newly Qualified Nannies are fixed for residential positions and must fall within the brackets below for daily positons. All salaries are quoted in gross per year and do not include employers' National Insurance contributions. The net figure below is based on a standard 1100L tax code and rounded up/down to the nearest 5.

When looking to employ a NQN employers must be fully prepared to support these students throughout this year long post. Full details about employing a NQN can be found here.

Gross per year
Net per week
London (Daily) £27,000 - £31,000 Approx. £410 - £470
London (Residential) £21,000 Approx. £340

Home Counties* & the South East (Daily)

£22,000 - £27,500 Approx. £350 - £420

Home Counties* & the South East (Residential)

£20,600 Approx. £330
Country (Daily) £21,500 - £24,500 Approx. £340 - £380
Country (Residential) £20,600 Approx. £330

* Home Counties include Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex

All NQN employers are responsible for paying a gross salary and responsible for the deduction and payment of Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. Employers must provide a written statement of earnings (payslip) and deductions to the NQN on a monthly basis. The companies listed here will be able to help with this.

NQN Placement Fees

NQN placement fees are a one off payment made to Norland Agency which is invoiced on the day that the NQN starts a position.

NB: Fees are based on net salaries, using Nannytax gross to net tables for employees working on a standard tax code + NI.

Newly Qualified Nanny Full-time 10% net annual salary + VAT

Every effort will be made to introduce suitable applicants, but the final decision to engage a Newly Qualified Nanny must be the employer's responsibility. Please note - names of NQNs are given to employers in the strictest confidence. Should they be passed on to other employers and subsequently engaged, the usual placement fee will be charged. 

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